It is very simple, we want a place where people share and grab the latest technology, science, positive, green trends and news on the planet.

So, grendz was born. is the definitive place for new mind-blowing technology trends, science breakthroughs and green and positive ideas and news.

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We are a community-driven project and basic accounts are always free. However, the costs to run Grendz are quite high, and we depend on support from the community to keep the service running.

If you would like to support this project, you can upgrade to a paid account by clicking on the Be a LEGENDlink in the top menu.

Your support is essential to ensuring that our community is financially stable and can continue to offer the service to the public.

In the Legend level, you will get tons of extra benefits such as our weekly e-reports direct into your e-mail, so you never miss what is grendzing going forward. from Fullcircle Innovations on Vimeo.

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About our Mother Ship:


Fullcircle Innovations is about meaningful digital Innovations.
We’re working for the convergence of high-tech & green-tech.
Our goal is that information becomes not just knowledge but wisdom.

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