The ‘SlothBot’ Monitors the Environment

The ‘SlothBot’ conservation robot is an advanced piece of technology created by a team of robotics engineers at the Georgia Institute of Technology to help study environmental conditions and sloths alike.

The robot is powered by power management technology that utilizes solar panels in order to move between the treetops on a strategically placed cable.

The unit monitors the weather, temperature, carbon dioxide levels and an array of additional information across the Atlanta Botanical Gardens’ 30-acre property.

Magnus Egerstedt, Professor and Steve W. Chaddick School Chair in the Georgia Tech School of Electrical and Computer Engineering spoke on the ‘SlothBot’ conservation robot saying, “SlothBot embraces slowness as a design principle.

That’s not how robots are typically designed today, but being slow and hyper-energy efficient will allow SlothBot to linger in the environment to observe things we can only see by being present continuously for months, or even years.”