The world’s first water-bike that replicates the cycling experience, on water.

Considered to be the perfect hybrid between an electric bike and a JetSki, Manta5’s all-new Hydrofoiler is a 400-watt pedal-powered water vehicle designed for the outdoor enthusiast.

Equipped with two carbon fiber hydrofoils giving the rider surface lift, the Manta5 is the brainchild of New Zealand adventure sports entrepreneur Guy Howard-Willis.

Using the same technology as America’s Cup sailboats this Hydrofoil eBike opens up a whole new cycling frontier.

Suitable for a wide range of fitness levels, riders can explore ocean coastlines, train along waterways, or cruise lakeside with friends and family.

Variable pedal assist can be dialed up or down to fit your needs:

Top speed of up to 12 mph (similar to traditional sailboats).

Modular design for quick assembly and transport to and from the water.

The Hydrofoiler’s cutting-edge design features a set of buoyancy modules that keep the aqua bike afloat while at a stop. This allows riders to get back upright if ever separated from the XE-1. Engineered without a hull, the XE-1 relies on its modular design features to keep the bike stable. Weighing only 44 lbs (20 kg) and designed for riders weighing between 154 and 220 lbs (70 and 100 kg), Manta5’s water bike is perfect for both fresh and salt water sporting activity. You will certainly garner a lot of attention if you whipped by a group of water skiers.