The Solgaard’s Wireless Charging Ecosystem

Solgaard recently launched its eco-friendly wireless charging ecosystem on Kickstarter to much success—the HomeBase, Solar Boombox and Solar Juicepack raised 300% of the funding goal in just 12 short hours.

HomeBase is a high-tech and sustainable solution for charging a variety of devices wirelessly.

It boasts the capacity to charge two smartphones and up to four devices, offering a simple solution for tech enthusiasts and groups. In the new wireless charging system, there’s also the Solar Boombox, premium Bluetooth speaker and wireless charging device with backup solar recharging capabilities.

The third new piece in Solgaard’s wireless charging ecosystem is the lightweight yet mighty Solar Juicepack, which uses solar power to charge multiple devices with Qi wireless technology.

Alongside Solgaard’s award-winning Shore-Tex, new upcycled ocean plastic materials are used with Shore-Plast.