The Conceptual “Podcam”

The conceptual ‘Podcam’ is a futuristic piece of multimedia equipment that will provide users with the ability to capture premium content that doesn’t require large or oversized alternatives.

The camera is outfitted with a dual-lens setup that has both wide-angle and an ultra wide-angle lenses in order to easily capture everyone in a single shot.

Beam-forming microphones help to clearly capture the voices of the subjects, while also eliminating any background noise that can cause disruptions.

The conceptual ‘Podcam’ is the design work of Joseph Burrell, and is also imagined with a built-in battery, a recycled aluminum body and the ability to be positioned on stand for hands-free use.

The camera is targeted towards the growing number of vloggers and podcasters who require a feature-rich piece of equipment for capturing content from home or in the field.