The Smart Swim

Vuzix Labs, an industry-leading Smart Glasses and AR technology company, previously released the Smart Swim goggles. Smart Swim received two awards at CES 2020, one for Computer Peripherals & Accessories, and another for Wearable Technologies.

The Vuzix Labs Smart Swim goggles can help swimmers during interval training by displaying time, yardage, laps, and more.

Workouts can also be downloaded or streamed using the Smart Swim video player. Additonally, the tech integrated goggles feature a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection, a head tracker, GPS, and compass. The pair will be available to consumers for a price of $499.

Paul Travers, the President, and Chief Executive Officer at Vuzix spoke about the capabilities of the pair, “Smart Swim is a heads-up display for swimmers that provides in-depth workout status and information in real-time, as well as the capability to stream video content during swimming workouts.”