Stanley Black & Decker Pushed the Envelope with New Design

The hardware and tool manufacturer, Stanley Black & Decker, recently joined forces with Autodesk to leverage the power of generative design to create an optimized hydraulic crimping tool.

The system allowed the brand’s Breakthrough Innovation team to create a 60% lighter tool without sacrificing durability, dramatically reducing the physical stress that electrical line workers who use the overhead tool experience.

“This was an exploratory project for us. We wanted to learn and test the software capability affecting the attachment which is the front-end piece of the wire crimper.

It’s very heavy and bulky, and it hasn’t been redesigned in at least 10 years,” said Frank DeSantis, vice president, Breakthrough Innovations for Infrastructure, Stanley Black & Decker.

“This was a unique opportunity to start with a small part to learn and understand generative design, how it could affect the part, and what we could do with it going forward.

The team was shown a myriad of concepts to choose between, however, the new final product was chosen based on its lightweight durability.

The project is still undergoing testing with plans to be released as soon as possible.