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The phone doctor that helps keeps your hands clean

If you think about the number of times you take out your phone and leave it on tables or desks, in restaurants, offices or even in the bathroom, it’s not hard to imagine how they are likely hotbeds of all manner of germs. Yet, as with many everyday gadgets, we rarely clean them.

This could be because cleaning an electronic gadget without causing water damage can be tricky — or that we’re just a bit lazy. Either way, Dr. Capsule — a dry cleaner — is useful and convenient.

The Dr. Capsule uses UV-C (ultraviolet short-wavelength), a germicidal wavelength of light, to disinfect — a process that has actually been used for some time to clean air and sterilize water. According to the press release, Dr. Capsule can eradicate 99.9 percent of the germs lurking on your smart phone in just five minutes.

All you need to do is place the box-like device over your phone, press the power button and wait until the light goes out. It’s big enough to cover all kinds of smartphones including the iPhone 6s Plus, is rechargeable and comes in either red or black.

Dr. Capsule costs ¥4,298

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