The Conceptual ‘Autonomous LDR’ Safely Transports Passengers

The conceptual ‘Autonomous LDR’ is the design work of Luke Mastrangelo and imagines a new kind of driverless transportation solution that would provide safe, effective access for a single passenger.

The transportation pod has a comfortable interior cockpit that has ample leg room to accommodate a relaxed journey where passengers can stretch out and enjoy the ride.

The two-wheeled pod highlights a distinctly minimalist aesthetic that goes against the flashier design alternatives out there, while also enhancing aerodynamics to get to the final destination as quickly as possible.

The conceptual ‘Autonomous LDR’ and its advanced technology was explained by Mastrangelo who said, “LDRs use a vision system of front and rear-mounted long-range and wide-angle cameras, radar, as well as circumferential proximity sensors to navigate road conditions and traffic.”