• $50

Waterproof and Dustproof cap with solar-powered LEDs

It is the cap equipped with light, and the solar panel which put into the brim of a hat. It charges with the solar panel by wearing the cap in the daytime.

The cap initially takes about three days of daylight to reach a full charge, after which one day should be enough. A full charge will provide five hours of use on full beam or 36 hours on low beam. A special mode that turns off the cap before the battery drains completely ensures there is always something in reserve to provide short bursts of light with every press of the button until the power is finally exhausted.

3 Flashing-light settings: Flash type 1, Flash type 2, and SOS (Morse code)

Luminary 25,000mcb/LED light
Battery Type Ni-MH
Battery Life 0ver 500 times rechargeable
Power Source Solar powered

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