The Conceptual ‘Oclean Bloom Slim’ Kills Germs in 30 Seconds

The conceptual ‘Oclean Bloom Slim’ is an everyday oral care appliance that will work to eliminate bacteria and germs found on toothbrushes to keep them as clean as possible.

The unit is intended to be mounted on a wall and will go to work sterilizing the bristles on the toothbrush using effective UV-C light that will completely eradicate pathogens in just 30 seconds.

The system provides space for up to five toothbrushes to be stored at a time making it ideal for families and can sanitize up to three at a time.

The conceptual ‘Oclean Bloom Slim’ is the design work of Eric Hu and Max Song, and addresses the increasing need amongst costumers to sanitize commonly used items on a daily basis.