Fujikura releases thin dye-sensitized solar cell module panels

Fujikura Ltd has expanded its product lineup of thin dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC) module panel and started the sales of those panels.

Recently, application of IoT sensing is widely spreading in various fields such as smart factories, smart agriculture, and infrastructure monitoring.

Accordingly, development of variety of IoT devices is accelerating due to the increase in variation of installing locations and environments.

Adoption of solar cell as a power source of such IoT devices is also increasing, taking into account its potential to enable reductions in environmental burdens, as well as installment related and maintenance related costs.

Under these circumstances, Fujikura has been selling DSSC module panels with distinguished features such as long term reliability and high power generation efficiency even under indoor illuminance.

On the other hand, in line with the increase in IoT device usages and diversification of their sizes, growth in customer needs for various shaped/sized solar cells had been recognized.

In response to such requirements, Fujikura has expanded its product lineup of DSSC module panels and started their sales. The company said the increase in model range will realize easier designing and installation of its panels into IoT devices.

In addition to the products, Fujikura is also offering supporting services on electric circuit designing when employing our DSSC module panel as a power source of IoT devices.