LG debuts fan-powered mask to ease breathing

LG Electronics has developed a mask equipped with miniature fans that draw in fresh air, helping reduce stuffiness.

The product takes on a problem associated with masks: the strain of wearing them for long periods.

Health care workers are first in line to use LG’s new mask. No date or price for a consumer release has been set.

Air pressure sensors on the mask activates the fans, which draw in air through the filter each time the user inhales and pause when the wearer exhales.

Filters are replaceable on both sides of the mask. The exterior of the mask is made of plastic, while the interior is lined with silicone material. The entire device has been kept to around 120 grams to make it wearable for longer periods.

LG Electronics has donated 2,000 masks to a university hospital in Seoul. The devices will go to other medical workers and health facilities later.