Kohler Waters VR Spa

Kohler Waters Spa recently unveiled its 2020 service menu which includes 17 new results-oriented offerings that reflect changing consumer needs.

Notably, the new offerings boast an increased use of technology alongside more holistic, CBD-infused treatments. Some highlights from the new Kohler Waters Spa include Hydro Rock and Tranquil Tides treatments, stressless CBD-infused massages, Thai massage, and lastly a virtual reality pedicure.

As noted by Garrett Mersberger, the Director of wellness and Kohler Waters Spa at Kohler Co., “We are pleased to unveil these first-time services, such as the Stressless CBD-Infused Massage, Virtual Reality Pedicure, and Thai Massage, and look forward to developing more offerings in the future that integrate wellness insights.

This menu reinforces Kohler’s continuous commitment to evolving our guests’ well-being journey through customized experiences that are at the forefront of industry trends.”