The Electrified Defender 90

The Twisted Automotive Electrified Defender 90 is a customized version of the Land Rover vehicle from the automotive customization brand that is capable of delivering impressive power, comfort and more.

The vehicle starts off with a soft-top model that has been paired with the NAS-E, which sees the gas-powered engine swapped out for an electric drivetrain.

This enables it to achieve 214 horsepower along with 280lb-ft of torque as well as all-wheel drive to easily tackle virtually any wilderness environment.

The Twisted Automotive Electrified Defender 90 is capable of delivering more than 200 miles of range to make it suited for long-range driving.

Limited to just 30 examples, the vehicle is priced at $185,000 and is likely to be coveted by avid explorers alike.