The ‘NOMOTO’ Electric Bike Blends in with its Surroundings

The ‘NOMOTO’ electric bike has been designed by Joey Ruiter of the namesake J.RUITER Studio that takes an alternative approach to two-wheeler design that will make it appear right at home in urban environments.

The bike has a boxy design that will virtually disappear when positioned on the side of the road thanks to its utility-like aesthetic.

The sides of the electric bike are covered in graffiti in order to further accentuate the urban-inspired design of the transportation solution and help it further blend into its surroundings.

The ‘NOMOTO’ electric bike will transition to reveal storage space and more when the rider requires it, which will further enhance its ability to be used by city-based users.

The bike will be displayed at the upcoming Motor MMXX show taking place on August 21, 2020.