The ‘AirTherapy’ Filter-Free Air Purifier

The ‘AirTherapy’ filter-free air purifier is a powerful cleaning appliance that will quickly yet discreetly eliminate anything that might be floating around in a living or working space.

The unit works by being plugged into a wall socket directly or via an extended cord and will go to work capturing smoke, formaldehyde, VOCs, pollen, odors, dust mites and other inorganic particles that could be in the air.

This is thanks to its ability to capture anything as small as PM2.5 and up.

The ‘AirTherapy’ filter-free air purifier is integrated with ultraviolet light technology that will work to eradicate the bacteria, germs and pathogens that could be lurking in the air.

The unit is reported to perform most of the cleaning work in the first hour of use and will continue to capture contaminants throughout the day.