The New Bose Audio Sunglasses are Water-Resistant and Rechargeable

A potential new addition to the Bose audio sunglasses range has been unveiled by the FCC, which would join the brand’s ‘Alto’ and ‘Rondo’ frames.

As The Verge points out, the new set of Bose audio sunglasses have not been given an official release date, however the design showcased by the FCC shows them to seemingly be far along in the development process.

In the images shared, a USB-C charging port is included on the arms of the glasses, and small speakers are included on either side. The glasses also include an IPX4 water resistance certification.

Although the details surrounding the new design are limited, Bose’s other two audio sunglasses are currently available online, and include full UVA/UVB protection, an open-ear audio sound system, an integrated microphone, and are Bluetooth enabled.