Eco-Friendly Plane Meals

It is hard to get on an aircraft, receive a plane meal, and not think of all the single-use plastic that went into curating and catering the experience.

PriestmanGoode seeks a guilt-free solution to assist airlines in making greener choices when it comes to their in-flight services.

Given the magnitude of travel and the long flights, this is surely going to instill change.

Whereas the traditional plane meal relies on plastic forks, un-reusable trays, and excess packaging, PriestmanGoode — an industrial design studio, swaps these harmful materials for “ground coffee beans and rice husk” that prove to be functional, as well as having greater aesthetic appeal.

The venture to reimagine the conventional plane meal and other cabin service features is part of a sustainability-focused exhibition at the Design Museum in London. It is titled ‘Get Onboard: Reduce. Reuse. Rethink.’