Nintendo to relaunch ’80s hit Game & Watch console

Nintendo is launching on Nov. 13 a reproduction of its Game & Watch, the company’s first mobile game console sold in the 1980s.

The console will be produced on a limited basis until March 2021, with an upgraded full-color display. Nintendo’s official online shopping site, which started accepting preorders on Thursday evening, had, by the following morning, stopped taking them.

Many of the remaining consoles will be available at retailers on the release date, while the website may add extra stock, the Japanese company said.

Nintendo has released a new version of its Super Mario Bros. title for the Nintendo Switch to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the company’s flagship game series.

The Game & Watch, which will be priced at 5,478 yen ($51), will incorporate several games of the Mario series 40 years after the original console was released, and is attracting many older fans.

The hand-held console was originally developed using technology developed for the company’s digital watches.