LG showcases future smart home

LG Electronics showcased the features of a futuristic smart home dubbed “LG ThinQ Home” at the IFA 2020, Europe’s largest tech expo held in Berlin.

The model four-story house in Pangyo, south of Seoul, aims to deliver “zero energy, zero effort and zero stress” to homeowners utilizing LG’s latest technologies.

“The ThinQ Home is a real demonstration of a future residence designed to deliver a safer, more convenient lifestyle with the company’s latest appliances and technologies,” LG Electronics said.

LG says the house took a year to build and focuses on portraying the three main values of a home ― livability, convenience and entertainment.

The home has face-recognition technology and ultraviolet (UV) light technology for sterilization of doorknobs.

It is equipped with LG’s finest devices ― from a steam closet and air purifiers to several transparent OLED panels.

Other technologies showcased are a voice-controllable smart wall with a 77-inch OLED TV, and smart mirrors that allow control of home appliances and a check on energy use.

The home also has an energy storage system and an electric car charging station. Indoors, temperature and humidity are controlled and fine dust levels analyzed.

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