Electrically-Powered Delivery Trucks

Volta Trucks, an automotive startup company based out of Sweden, recently revealed its first fever electric truck named the Volta Zero.

The Volta Zero will begin production in 2022 at a facility in the united kingdom, and it was designed to complete deliveries in the urban environment.

By the end of 2022, Volta Trucks intends to have over 500 of the electric trucks in operation.

Additionally, a pilot test will be conducted in collaboration with DPD, which will take place in the Ultra Low Emission Zone in London.

The vehicle will be powered by modular Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, which can power the vehicle for between 95-125 miles.

Rob Fowler, the CEO of Volta Trucks, released a statement about the new delivery truck, “With the launch of the Volta Zero, we are changing the face of road transport.

Volta Trucks is redefining the perception of the large commercial vehicle, and how it operates in and integrates with, the zero-emission towns and cities of the future.