Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Turns Rooms into Racetracks with AR

For years, Mario Kart fans have been speeding around tracks like Koopa Troopa Beach and Dino Dino Jungle, but Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit introduces an entirely new racing game experience that turns players’ own homes into speedways.

The game turns the Nintendo Switch into a controller for an actual toy race kart that’s equipped with a camera, so that players get a first-person view of their home space.

As the game is designed to be set in the home, furniture pieces like couches and tables become obstacles that are to be avoided.

Thanks to augmented reality effects, Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit also has on-screen obstacles and boosts appear to make gameplay even more interesting.

The game has been announced at a time when people are looking for more home entertainment and making the most of their homes as multi-purposes spaces during stay-home orders.