The Pebble Pods Keep Your Air Pods in Place

Many Apple fans understand the struggle of using the beloved Airpods, especially when they unexpectedly fall out of your ears.

To combat this issue, jewelry designer Suhani Parekh, the creative director of London Jewelry brand MISHO, launched a series of earrings dubbed Pebble Pods designed to stop the headphones from falling by wrapping and clipping onto the device.

The brand commented on the new Pebble Pods, stating: “These not only keep the pod in place, they can double up as earrings on their own.

These little sculptural earrings not only look great but act as little supports, they hold your [AirPods] in place, catch them if they slip out and most importantly they’re a versatile pair of earrings and look super with or without the [AirPods] on.”

The Pebble Pods come in three styles including Pebble Pods, Minimal/Active Tall Pods and Minimal/Active Tiny Pods.