A Schedule-Synchronizing Calendar

With the busy back to school season upon, Skylight is making it easy for families to keep track of their schedules with its revolutionary new connected home calendar.

The Skylight Calendar boasts a 10-inch display screen and1280 x 800 pixel resolution, making it easy to plan your schedule.

The Skylight Calendar was thoughtfully designed with busy families in mind and provides an effective communication and organization tool via its user-friendly display.

By merging technology with the concept of a paper calender merged with a whiteboard, the schedule-syncornizing calender allows families to color code events for each respective family memeber’s schedule.

In addition, the Skylight Calendar posts a chore list, grocery list, and weekly meal planner, making it easier than ever to stop on top of tasks hassle-free.

Familes can also use the companion mobile app to ensure everyone can keep up-to-date while on the go.