Bio-Leather Wallets

Functionally compact and playfully chromatic in appearance, Tumbao’s bio-leather wallets were certainly a hit—which is evident from the brand’s Kickstarter that exceeded its goal by about $3,000 CAD and with 22 days to go.

As defined on the campaign, Tumbao has Latin-American origins. The phrase refers to “when something has an allure that captures the attention of those around it.”

The bio-leather wallets are made with cactus-derived bio-leather, which is sourced from Mexico and presents a more sustainable alternative.

The wallets are durable—scratch-resistant and humidity-resistant—as well as easy to clean. In addition, Tumbao did not use any PVC or chromium—which is a toxic heavy metal that is used to tan traditional leathers.

Consumers have the option to choose between three bio-leather wallet designs—the Toci Wallet, the Mayahuel Wallet, and the Coatlicue Wallet.