The Conceptual ‘Nocturnal’ Interactive Sleeping Aid

Dealing with insomnia, anxiety and stress can have a detrimental effect on one’s life, so the conceptual ‘Nocturnal’ interactive sleeping aid has been designed by Alexander Braga as a solution to help reduce the symptoms.

The system works by being activated and providing users a place to lie down that is surrounding by an OLED that will immerse them in one of several different experiences.

This will help to drown out mental distractions that can prevent the user from getting a good night’s rest.

The inspiration behind the conceptual ‘Nocturnal’ interactive sleeping aid was explained further by Braga who said, “Dreams have always fascinated me and I wanted to add this celestial component, in combination with beautiful aesthetics to completely change the way we as humans sleep. I had looked into current bed sizes, ergonomic considerations through interaction and resting positions, and sustainable material selections.

Once I achieved a better understanding of traditional sleeping habits, I looked into accessible technology that could stimulate our senses to fall asleep and provide the user with a dreamland sensation.”