‘Smart Helmet’ measures brain waves to prevent heatstroke

Agx Inc and Starlite Co Ltd recently exhibited a prototype of the “Smart Helmet” helmet, which can collect biological information from the wearer, at the 2nd Wearable Expo, which took place from Jan 13 to 15 at Tokyo Big Sight.

There is a band inside the helmet, and it is used to fix the head of the wearer. On a part of the band that contacts the front part of the head, there are electrodes made of conductive fibers. And the electrodes are used to measure the brain waves of the wearer. In addition, the helmet is equipped with a temperature/humidity sensor and acceleration sensor. And data collected by those sensors is transmitted to a tablet computer, smartphone, etc via Bluetooth.

As a result, the wearer can check his/her health conditions. And data of multiple users can be sent to a cloud server so that a manager can monitor their health conditions.

Specifically, the helmet is expected to be used for checking if the brain waves of workers show a sign of heatstroke and find those who collapsed based on data from the acceleration sensor.

However, the technology to find signs of heatstroke based on brain waves and temperature/humidity is currently being developed in a joint research with a university, Starlite said. And the helmet is scheduled to be commercialized in one or two years at the earliest.

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