Vegan Boxing Gloves

Boxing apparel company Sanabul teamed up with Desserto to introduce the world’s first cactus leather boxing gloves.

The limited-edition black and green gloves called Los Cactus are made entirely using organic leather from the nopal, or prickly-pear, cactus.

The $250 vegan-friendly boxing gloves have gold trimming and an Aztec-inspired design, plus high-performance features and padding.

As Imran Jawaid, Sanabul founder and CEO revealed to Green Matters, “There’s a misconception that a traditional cowhide boxing glove is the ideal glove.

And we’re looking to change that.” While there are many vegan-friendly materials that are synthetic, cactus leather sets itself apart as a sustainable alternative that helps to avoid the use of petroleum by-products.

The crack-resistant gloves are ideal for boxers in weight classes ranging from 125 to 180 pounds.