Concept vehicle for the year 2020 designed to run on electromagnetic wheels.

Working to design cars for the future, Indian auto designer Nanish K R has come up with a car design aimed to revolutionize transport in the year 2020. The simple, yet stylish car is powered by four independent electromagnetic wheels, which allows the car to do without a conventional powertrain.

The wheels of this zero-emission car are made up of two sliding rings, one of which is the electromagnet and the other is a permanent one. The electromagnet gets powered by the lithium-ion batteries installed on the vehicle’s chassis and gets the same polarity as the permanent magnet. This creates a repulsive force between the rings which is then converted into motion.

While braking, the opposite poles of the magnets face each other and the attractive force generated as a result is used to stop the vehicle. The body panels of the car are made from polycarbonate to keep the vehicle’s weight to a minimum. The car also carries rearview mirrors, LED lamps and a touchscreen controlled on the dashboard.

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