The EAV Taxi Gets Passengers Around in an Emissions-Free Manner

The EAV Taxi is an eco-friendly transportation solution that is focused on providing passengers with an emissions-free way to get around that is comfortable and sustainable.

The vehicle has a pedal-assist design that will allow operators to help out with the driving process to reduce the amount of power required from the battery within.

The vehicle can carry up to two passengers inside and features a luggage compartment as well as memory foam seating to help keep riders as comfy as possible.

The EAV Taxi was explained further by Executive Chairman Nigel Gordon-Stewart who said, “We’re 90 percent lighter than any hybrid or electric car and, if we just replaced one hybrid Uber with an EAV Taxi, we would save about 9.2 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions in one year alone.

Our energy usage is a fraction of an electric taxi and we don’t need an infrastructure to charge our batteries, just a normal plug socket.”