The ‘Wazai’ Planter Keeps Greenery Cared for in an Automated Manner

Taking optimal care of greenery is no easy feat for consumers who lead fast-paced lifestyles, so the ‘Wazai’ planter is designed to help make the process far easier for them to optimize.

The planter has been designed by Abilliant and works by being set up with a new or existing plant before filling the water reservoir.

The unit will then go to work delivering just the right level of water directly at the base of the plant to keep the soil moist but not wet.

The ‘Wazai’ planter works with the accompanying smartphone app to let users take more control over the care of their greenery and could prevent avoidable plant death in the home once and for all.

The unit is the winner of the iF World Design 2020 Award for Product Design.