This ‘UltraClean’ Smartphone Sterilization Device Kills Germs Anywhere

The ‘UltraClean’ smartphone sterilization device is a high-powered aftermarket accessory that will provide device users with the ability to sanitize the items around them in a hyper-efficient way.

The device works by being plugged into the port on the smartphone and will go to work casting UV-C light over your choice of surface or item.

This will inactivate 99% of the viruses, germs and bacteria that could be lurking on the surface to help users rest assured that they are keeping their space or items free from contaminants.

The ‘UltraClean’ smartphone sterilization device has a lightweight, low-cost profile that is well-suited for use both in and out of the home to enhance peace of mind for those weary about the pathogens that could be within close proximity.