Flotting Whales Display

Student creates captivating display of ‘floating whales’ to symbolise Buddhism’s Six Realms.

People have been blown away by the beauty of the whales and their intricate submerged worlds.

Graduating students from Tokyo University of the Arts held their final exhibition recently, and there was one display that caught everyone’s attention: “Samsara” by Isana Yamada. Having studied for two years to earn his master’s degree in design, Yamada showed off his skills with the creative piece, which visitors described as whales “floating” through the air.

The piece is called Samsara, the endless cycle of death and rebirth, as it explores the theme of Buddhism’s Six Realms, with each whale representing one of the posthumous paths towards reincarnation.

Inside the whales are beautiful submerged worlds, with submarine volcanoes, sailing ships, and a sea of clouds all contained within.

Yamada, who shares a special bond with his grandfather, recently shared a photo of one of the small-sized models which the artist sent him as a gift. He says the whale sparkles because his grandfather polishes it every day.

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