MOFLIN: An AI Pet Robot with Emotional Capabilities

Moflin by Vanguard Industries is more than a cuddly plush pet, as it takes the form of a pet robot powered by artificial intelligence that boasts “emotional capabilities that evolve like living animals.” Covered in soft gray fur, Moflin is designed to continuously take in information from its surroundings via sensors, pick up on patterns and express its feelings.

Vanguard Industries sees the potential for Moflin to be adopted by not just kids but also adults, as the home robot has a personality of its own that makes it like living with a real pet.

In a time of social distancing, canceled activities and a loneliness epidemic, designers are creating products to solve cravings for “skin hunger.” In the case of this cuddly pet robot, Moflin helps to not only fill a desire for physical touch but emotional closeness too.