Fixed-Wing Drones

FLY-R, an innovative company based in Reunion Island east of Madagascar, has developed an innovative and high-tech fixed-wing drone that makes use of geometric principles to tackle aerodynamic drag and attain high speeds without compromising on safety.

Dubbed the R2-150, this fixed-wing drone is powered by batteries and is capable of flying for up to two hours on a full charge, at which point it can comfortably maintain cruising speeds in the range of 115 km/h.

The truly eye-catching aspect of the R2-150 is its odd wing design, which looks like a diamond. Not only does this shape reduce the drone’s wingspan considerably, it also works to curb aerodynamic drag, thereby allowing the craft to maintain its stability regardless of speed.

With its unique engineering and battery-powered capabilities, the R2-150 fixed-wing drone could be of significant use for surveillance applications.