Japanese firm to auction 500kW solar plant on Internet

West Energy Solution Inc will start to sell a solar power generation system at Yafuoku!, Japan’s largest Internet auction site run by Yahoo Japan Corp, on Feb 12.

West Energy Solution, which is a subsidiary of West Holdings Corp, is a company that plans and constructs solar power generation facilities.

West Energy Solution will auction its solar power generation system that has an output of about 500kW and is located in Mihara City, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. The facility was certified in fiscal 2014 with an FIT-based purchasing price of 32 yen/kWh (excluding tax).

It will be auctioned at “Members’ Auction” (of Yafuoku!), which can be participated in by a limited number of people, for eight days from Feb 12 to 19, 2016. The bidding price will start from 161 million yen, excluding tax.

This will be the first time in Japan that a solar power generation facility has been auctioned on the Internet. West Energy Solution plans to promote the circulation of existing solar power plants by having similar auctions using Members’ Auction on a regular basis.

Members’ Auction is a special auction for which the host (store) can choose participants (bidders) to limit the number of participants. It is used in the aim of having an auction that looks special or calling for bidders from various regions of Japan through the Internet while showing a precious product only to a limited number of people.

At Members’ Auction, only participants can check products on the list created by the host. When other Yafuoku! users directly access the websites of the products, only error screens appear.

Users who want to participate in the auction of the solar power generation system need to submit a request for information materials to the host (West Energy Solution) first. After an eligibility screening by the host, detailed materials are sent to them. And they can participate (make a bid) in the auction after the bidding starts.

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