Sony Enters Drone Market with Upcoming Airpeak Brand

Sony just gave us our first look at its recently announced Airpeak drone, which teased us last November in a promotional video. While that video generated a lot of excitement, it answered very few questions, like, “What does it look like?,” “Which camera will it support?,” and “Who is it for?” Well, today, we got those answers and a few more. Here’s everything we know so far about the new Airpeak drone.

According to Sony, the Airpeak can be equipped with an Alpha full-frame mirrorless camera. Not only that, but Sony claims it’s the smallest drone capable of supporting Alpha full-frame cameras. While that might be true, the Airpeak is by no means “small.” Based on what we saw in the video, its size is going to be much closer to a professional drone, like the DJI Inspire 2, than a hobbyist flyer, like the Mavic.

Though Sony didn’t explicitly say it, the Airpeak appears to be aimed at professional photographers and filmmakers. Both its build and the fact that it supports Sony’s Alpha series suggests this drone is not meant for the casual flyer. To highlight that point, Sony showcased how the Airpeak was used as a chase camera to shoot footage of Sony’s VISION-S concept car.

One of the questions we had last November was whether or not the Airpeak would be a collaboration between Sony and another manufacturer or its own venture. Now we know for certain that the Airpeak is all Sony, making it the very first drone the Japanese-based manufacturer has ever produced.

Although we did get some details about the Airpeak, there’s a lot we still don’t know. According to Sony, it should be available sometime this spring. As far as how much it will cost, no one knows. But keep in mind this is a professional filmmaking tool, so it will likely be priced accordingly.

Other than the details we covered, there isn’t much more we know about the Airpeak. How fast is it? How long can it fly? What kind of object tracking does it use? We don’t know, but we’re looking forward to finding out. Hopefully we’ll get some more info before the spring release date. One thing is for certain: The arrival of the Sony Airpeak means this is a very exciting time for the drone industry.