The ‘Alpha 1’: A Mirrorless 8K Camera

Sony is well and truly consigning the once-impressive 4K format to the past with the introduction of the Alpha 1, a brand new 8K camera that is capable of filming spectacularly clear and precise video at an incredible 30 frames per second and without any blackouts in between shots.

The Sony Alpha 1 camera is equipped with the company’s proprietary and much-vaunted Bionz ZR processing technology, which works in conjunction with the 9.44 million dot resolution and ample refresh rate to provide optimal video without any glitches. What’s more, photographers and videographers can truly exploit the fill potential of shooting at 30 frames per second due to the inclusion of high-speed sensor technologies that make it possible for up to 155 images to be captured at 30 frames per second.

Set to be made available for a price of $6,500 the Sony Alpha 1 8K camera is poised to mark a giant leap forward in the evolution of photographic technology.