Reframd Offers Glasses Designed to Fit

Reframd, a Berlin-based startup launched by design engineer Ackeem Ngwenya, is aiming to serve a neglected segment of consumers. Described as “eyewear for Afropolitans,” these glasses were designed to “fit Black People’s nose profiles.”

The brand currently offers ‘standard’ frames in three widths that accounts for people with lower and wider nose bridges.

Reframd hopes to create custom-built frames in the future as the brand “recognizes the individuality within Black faces.” Consumers would be able to photograph their face through their phone camera for personalized frames.

“Essentially, it’s a pair of glasses that adapt in response to different inputs such as head width, bridge height, pantoscopic tilt, temple length, and more.

These parameters drive frame creation for a particular person and that frame is then sent to our production partner and made for the customer.”