The Badger UV Disinfect Robot Boosts Store Cleanliness

Badger UV Disinfect Robot by Badger Technologies was created to improve the health and safety of retail and grocery stores, as it uses advanced UV-C technology to tackle pathogens. The autonomous robot is useful for decontaminating 40,000 square feet in about two hours and combating high-risk pathogens. According to the company, “Early testing of the new Badger Technologies autonomous robot with UVDI’s 254nm UV-C technology indicates 99% and greater inactivation of coronaviruses, E.coli, Salmonella enterica and Influenza A.”

The self-navigating robot offers a simple way to bring more peace of mind to essential spaces with a high amount of activity and surfaces that have the potential to be contaminated. As well as being a solution that’s relevant to the current times, the robot has the potential to support a variety of public settings going forward.