The BREEZE™ by NEXVOO Protects Against 99% of Viruses

NEXVOO® recently launched the BREEZE™, a transparent face mask with smart cleaning technology able to protect users from 99% of viruses.

The mask is crafted with a built-in sanitizing UV-C light, two ultra-silent micro-fans and two N99 level filters – offer superior protection than a traditional N95 mask.

Moreover, the NEXVOO boasts a medical-grade silicone that seals any air gaps to prevent unfiltered air from flowing. In addition to viruses, the mask also protects wearers from bacteria, allergens, mildew, dust, and odors.

“With the CDC’s latest recommendation to wear two masks or double-mask in order to stay safe amidst new variants of the coronavirus, choosing to use a safer and most effective mask is more important than before,” said John Gayman, President of NEXVOO®. “BREEZE™ by NEXVOO® is the next generation of face masks that not only effectively protects you against viruses like COVID-19 and other bacteria, but also ensures you’re comfortable.

Our goal is to bring back smiles to the world with our transparent masks, especially in schools and with our children.”