The POWKIDDY A12 Handheld Retro Gaming Console Has 2,400 Games

The POWKIDDY A12 handheld retro gaming console is an all-in-one solution for avid gamers who are in search of a way to enjoy a range of titles from yesteryear without the need to keep a slew of equipment on hand.

The gaming console is focused on portability with a nine-inch display that will allow users to play more than 2,400 games that come built-in. The unit features 32GB of internal storage along with a 4,000mAh battery for easily offering hours of retro gameplay from anywhere.

The POWKIDDY A12 handheld retro gaming console features a joystick and action buttons built-in to eliminate the need for external controllers, and has an HDMI port for connection to a TV set.

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