An Underwater Drone

Chasing Innovation, a Chinese company that has a range of underwater drones in its product offerings, has launched an innovative new product that is designed to make it easier than ever for users to go about looking for fish without having to go underwater themselves.

Aptly called the F1 Fish Finder Drone, this particular gadget is fitted with a quadrant of thrusters that enable it to move in a multi-directional manner, with the distinctly bright yellow section that marks the top of the drone staying above the surface of the water so that users can keep tabs on its location.

Controlled by WiFi at distances of up to 30 meters, this underwater drone has a camera that lets users scour the underwater world for fish on their smartphone screen.

Available for a price of $699, this handy underwater drone also offers the advantage of up to six hours of operation per charge, so it doesn’t need to be constantly juiced up.