Solight’s Solar Lights

Solight is a clean light company that crafts design-forward solar lights that take inspiration from the art of origami—resulting in beautifully made compactable lights that are able to self-inflate with a simple pull-open action.

Solight offers a variety of different designs through its web store, which includes the QWNN, Solarpuff, Twilight, and Helix lights.

Whether shoppers are in search of the perfect camping accessory to illuminate their tent, or just want to supply their patio with some additional warm lighting, Solight has a light to suit their needs.

With their exposed solar panels, all of the lights are designed to recharge during the day, and are able to provide up to 12 hours of continuous light. This also makes Solight’s products great for use during power outages and emergencies, with the powerful lights able to illuminate a whole room with ease.