Dvele’s AI-Integrated Homes Start at $150,000

Dvele, a California-based modular and pre-built home company has launched its self-sustaining prefabricated homes, which rely on AI to monitor both the home and the occupants inside of it.

The homes are outfitted with DveleIQ and 300 sensors that support it, allowing it to always keep track of the home’s status so that it can adjust energy saving systems, monitor humidity levels, detect mold, sense carbon monoxide, and much more.

The AI model means that the home will learn from occupants as they live inside, adjusting to their behavior over the course of time so that it can more closely keep track of the schedules and other aspects.

In addition to its many in-depth tracking features, DveleIQ enables home owners to take advantage of other typical smart home features, like preferred thermostat settings.