Net Houses Offer Better Produce with Fewer Chemicals

Consumer demand for “perfect” produce and fewer pesticides has inspired innovation in farming. A promising concept is net house farming, also called screen houses or net greenhouses.

Similar to a screened-in porch, net houses use fine-grade netting or mesh, but on a much larger scale. Preliminary studies show that net houses can significantly decrease the need for pesticides, which is highly attractive to organic farmers.

One challenge in net house farming is controlling the inside temperature where heat can be trapped, as standard venting for cooling would introduce a path for pests to enter. Koolfog, an innovator in fogging and mist cooling systems for greenhouse environments, is on the cutting edge of this technology. Providing custom systems and sensors, Koolfog is working with researchers to further refine the approach and may be one of the few ways to provide cooling in these environments.

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