The Sunreef 80 Eco Yacht Generates Up to 34kWp of Energy

The Sunreef 80 Eco yacht is a solar-powered vessel that would provide sailers with the ability to take to the open waters without the need to worry about fuel or range.

The 80-foot yacht is covered in 150m² of photovoltaic solar panel technology, which is spread out over the hull, Bimini, carbon mast and superstructure to generate up to 34kWp of energy that is stored in onboard lithium batteries.

The 180kW electric engines onboard the vessel will provide impressive power, while the hydro generation system will recover more than 15kWh of energy from the propellers when sailing at seven knots.

The Sunreef 80 Eco yacht is focused on sustainable transportation, but is also well-appointed throughout with luxury finishes that are sustainable as well as ethically sourced.