This Japanese Corporate Office Building Features a Sustainable Urban Garden

Unlike other corporate office buildings, the Tokyo headquarters for Pasona Inc. features a sustainable urban garden. While many companies have been experimenting with more eco-friendly spaces, this lush office building puts a whole new spin on green architecture.

The building was designed by Yoshimi Kono, who wanted to make the structure both beautiful and functional. The exterior of the building is covered in foliage and features a series of overhead trellises. On the interior, thousands of square feet have been dedicated to cultivating a sustainable urban garden. Kono explains that the greenery isn’t just for show, but it is actually “an effective urban farming project.” In fact, these urban gardens produce more than 200 different kinds of fruits and vegetables, as well as rice paddies.

This innovative green building is not only stunning, but it also addresses the limitations Japan faces in terms of available agricultural space.

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