The NFT Byte Jacket Can Be Worn with Snapchat’s Body-tracking Tool

Digital agency Dept created a limited-edition Byte jacket in Snapchat and it uses the app’s body-tracking technology to allow virtual try-on experiences.

The augmented reality puffer jacket is an exploration of the future of digital fashion, especially when it comes to NFTs, and the consumer desire for newness and ownership that doesn’t necessarily rely on physical goods.

A limited number of the “gravity-defying” NFT puffer jackets can be tried on in Snapchat. There’s also a special augmented reality lens for buyers to share clips of themselves wearing the jacket in motion.

While there are many non-fungible tokens being purchased merely for the sake of owning a unique digital asset, the world of fashion is exploring the future of virtual wearables that can be worn and viewed through augmented and virtual reality.